Heat pumps

With full industry insight and understanding, we know how to deliver the latest heating and cooling technology to our customers. Commercial and industrial heat pumps are incorporated into a range of our central heating and air conditioning systems making them both efficient and economical.

"With full industry insight and understanding, we know how to deliver the latest heating and cooling technology."

This environmentally friendly piece of technology will extract naturally occurring heat from the ground and use it to the benefit of the space in your building or industrial unit. Heat pump systems come in two varieties:

  • Ground source heat pumps – We'll lay piping around your business or industrial grounds that will extract necessary heat to run radiators, under floor heating systems and hot water heaters.
  • Air source heat pumps – Extracting heat from the outdoors, this system can work in temperatures as low as minus 15 degrees to deliver constant low temperature warmth to areas around your building.

There are two main applications for air source heat pumps:

  • Air-to-pump system – Works via a wet central heating system and will heat large radiators and under floor heating systems.
  • An air-to-air-system – Heat is extracted and then circulated around a room or building using a fan system.

Our commercial heat pumps and industrial heat pumps can help your Rotherham premises become energy efficient and have self-sustainable heating for many years. They require little attention once fitted and therefore will not need much in the way of servicing and maintenance.

For more information about our heat pumps, industrial heating and what they can help achieve for your business, contact the team here at RSY Air Conditioning today.

Heat pumps

Commercial & Industrial

Heat Pumps

"Commercial & industrial heat pumps incorporated into a range of our systems making them efficient & economical."

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Heat pumps
Heat pumps

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